Wybren van Keulen

+31 6 18 65 40 55

Wybren van Keulen (1980) is a 3D designer. He has over a decade experience visualising architects' ideas in both pictures and animations. The power of designing in 3D and his profound interests in design and production techniques lead to the first product Époque. CNC milling and 3D printing are starting points, yet nothing beats getting your hands dirty and mastering skills and materials. Afterwards trusting skilled professionals to create top quality products.

Wybren aan het werk.

Saskia Loman

Producer and promotion
+31 6 48 20 85 03

Saskia Loman (1985) has realised many events and arts projects to great success. Designing does not stop after the shiny product rolls out of a workshop. It takes skills and determination in getting it out into the world. Saskia works to get designs on weblogs, in magazines and shops.

De Puddingfabriek
Viaductstraat 3a
9725BG Groningen
The Netherlands